Rollercoasting Brooklyn

  1. 25THUNDERBOLTweb1-master675
    The Thunderbolt
    Coney Island, April 10, 2017. Built 2014
    Fuck yeah.



  2. Girls Season 5
    April 8-10. Originally aired on HBO in 2014

    I stopped watching GIRLS during season 2. Season 1 had entertained me, but when I watched it again, the only thing that held up was Jemima Kirke. Season 2 features way to much Hannah, the least tolerable and least interesting of the characters; I couldn’t stand to watch her, and abandoned the show. Sarisky posted something about Adam Driver on Facebook, which made me think of how much I enjoyed him as Kylo Ren. It took Adam Driver to make Star Wars sexy, but he did it. Even Han Solo and Princess Leia’s scoundrel flirtation never had a lot of sexual tension, unlike the interaction between Rey and Kylo Ren.

    So there I am in Kensington, dogsitting a puddle of pugs, and decided to try out GIRLS again, going back as far as their TV did: season 5.  I don’t know what the fuck is going on, but the beautiful one, Marni, is getting married to some psycho singer-songwriter type and all the girls are wearing horrible Nadia Tarr dresses at their worst. Too perfect.  But Adam Driver? I know the show is about girls. But does Lena Dunham hate girls? Because a lot of what is best of this show goes to Adam Driver.  I don’t think sexy things are sexy almost ever. I don’t think a single scene of Game of Thrones is sexy; I think the whole thing feels like vomitus rape scenes, except for Igret, “you know nothing Jon Snow” and Jon Snow, and it’s a load of bullshit, too. Why would he live if not to love her?  Anyway Jemima Kirk always provided the only watchable moments of Girls. She doesn’t fail in season Five.  And Adam Scott. Just the right amount of psycho and sexy and loving and good at talking. Are there those guys? I’ve known them. I have.

    Oh and the fucking Michael Penn soundtrack? White girl dance music for days. can not stop listening to the spotify playlist.  So great.


(photo credits: NYTimes and HBO.)

this morning’s facebook rant about superhero movies stealing superheroes from nerds.

this i just bought-back from the site stealers over at GoDaddy. So here i go again with the rants.

this was a facebook post to my friend Dean Haspiel’s rave review of Logan.

*i do, now, want to see Logan, even though

And there is a thing that has happened with super hero movies that I’m assuming you guys will get because (being presumptuous now because I’m talking to Dean’s collective friends, but I met Dean because I was wearing a comic book t-shirt) you are comic book guys–but essentially comic books and ESPECIALLY super hero comic books were for nerdy wish fulfillment for teenaged boys which allowed for things like the skills of smart kids to actually be useful and cool and funny–I’m thinking Spider-Man and xmen here, because those are the ones I read–but never involved senseless violence and rarely violence against women or non-super characters…and in the last decade super hero MOVIES (and I don’t know about the comics because I no longer read them) have entirely moved away from complex questions of intelligence or inferiority and become basically random violence like the regular shoot-em-up movies appealing to exactly the opposite of the market the comic characters were originally appealing to.