100 Days 100 Dresses

some wanker at a memorial day party–more outraged than amused when i said i had at least 100 dresses–said, you could wear, like a different dress everyday for three months (more than that but who is counting? oh, yeah, that’s me.) to which i said, uh huh. and then i thought,  i will do that.  gary dovey had just died, and he used to go around lamenting bad fashion choice, but always say, “you look so PReTTY when you wear your dresses, Anne.” In my sadness, I had been wearing only denim on denim, another of my favorites, but why not challenge myself? Why not prove I could do it. Wear 100 different dresses a hundred days in a row. It started at a Memorial Day party, it would take me through December, almost all the way until Christmas.


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