after Ojai, with nowhere to go, waking up at the beach seemed like the right idea.

so i drove out of Ojai and was going to go where Shan & the fam had stayed with their new airsteam, but it was getting dark and D-neg had said “NO SERVICES”

chicken pot

there…i don’t know if he had been joking, but i was afraid i wouldn’t be able to buy and camping wood or any of that stuff, so i headed back south to Refugio Beach.  i parked on a space across from the ocean and then drove back to the Albertson’s where UCSC shops and got supplies.



it’s the first real car-camping i’ve done on this trip. had to make a fire and then use that cast iron to make a chicken, onions, and potatoes in a pot dinner.  delicious.

weird there. couldn’t hear anyone. wonder if no one was talking (other than the baby in the camper next to me) or if voices don’t carry.  also weird sleeping where

sunrisei can see the ocean AND the 101.

i woke up at 3 am because the wind had blown the cape off of the tent. i could see the stars, so i looked at Orion and Leo and Virgo and Hydra and the Big Dipper for a while. when i next awakened it was raining, so i put the cap back on. but that didn’t last–the wind blew so hard in the morning that the only thing keeping it from not flying away was my body, so i jammed the whole thing only half undone into the front seat and climbed into Rog.


Now that i have the back door open–thanks to Nacho and Bill–i can move all the Tiki Pop Up stuff around.

running with birds

I don’t know where i’m going tonight, but i feel like i need to spend some time getting my tiki pop up store going.    I have to make some money.


i have a lot of options right now. cat sitting in chicago (i like chicago). dogsitting mid month through christmas upstate NY, catsitting in red hook.  a pad in LA. Crashing however long i want in New Orleans. staying in Temescal Canyon. I think I’m going to try to do all of them.

but i have to work on my store.  Like now. Like how?

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